Thermal Insulation


Insulation and the Transmission of Heat


It is quite common for engineers who have not been specifically been trained in thermal dynamics to specify a type (and quantity) of thermal insulation for a project only to find that the effectiveness of the insulation falls far short of the performance the product specifications had led them to believe. What’s going on? Are some insulation manufacturers making false product claims or are the engineers simply misapplying the products? As a leading manufacturer of super insulation materials, we see many examples of both.

As a quick-reference aid we have written a number of technical information papers. The information they contain is intended to give the non-thermal engineer a little clearer understanding of the properties of heat movement and clarify the reasons an "R-10" insulation may not necessarily be an "R-10" insulation.

Transmission Of Heat - Conduction, Convection and Radiation, explains the three ways in which heat moves from one location to the next and provide tables for some common materials.

Insulation Testing discusses insulation test standards for insulation.  Also discussed, are methods by which improper testing can yield useless and misleading results.

We hope you find the information provided helpful in selecting the insulation for your next project


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